Report a Claim

  • State statutes require that an employer must file a First Report of Injury whenever an employee claims to have been injured at work.
  • Whether or not the employer disputes the claim has no bearing on the employer’s obligation to file the First Report of Injury with its insurer.
  • Filing the First Report of Injury does not admit liability.
  • Failure to file the First Report of Injury or late filing of the First Report of Injury may subject the employer to penalties and/or lawsuits under workers’ compensation law.

As your workers’ compensation administrator, we will investigate all claims. If you have concerns about a claim, please advise us of those concerns, and we will investigate it thoroughly.

Reporting Options


Provide claim information to a claims service representative:



Email Injury Form to CIS at:

[email protected]


Send completed report of injury form to: 

 (816) 214-4080

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